PVP LOA.pdf Peer Volunteer Letter of Agreement

 Requirements to become a Peer Volunteer

  1. Two or more years of recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction or recovery as a family member of an alcoholic/addict.
  2. Current involvement in recovery is desired, but not required.
  3. An individual must break his or her personal anonymity to qualify as a Peer Volunteer. A volunteer acknowledges that his/her anonymity will be breached within the workplace; that his/her name will be printed on posters that are placed on bulletin boards at LADWP locations; and the volunteer’s information and picture will also be available on the Peer Volunteer website.
  4. Satisfactory completion of an interview process.
  5. A current, valid California driver’s license.
  6. Attendance at an initial six-hour training session and two meetings a quarter.
  7. Maintenance of good performance in his or her job at LADWP.
  8. Commitment of a minimum of one year to the Peer Volunteer Program is desired.

Responsibilities of a Peer Volunteer:

  1. A volunteer is expected to be available to assist any LADWP employee or covered family member who has an issue regarding misuse or abuse of alcohol or drugs.
  2. A volunteer must be available via cell phone to respond to an employee or covered family member seeking information, direction, or help for alcohol and drug problems.
  3. A volunteer’s anonymity will be breached within the workplace.

If you have questions or wish to explore becoming a Peer Volunteer, please contact:

JoAlla Gold, LCSW
PVP EAP Services
213/840-5386(cell); 213/367-3562(office)
Jeff King
PVP Program Manager (JSI)
213/792-8853 (cell); 818/771/4676 (office)