Andy St. Pierre

Recovery is possible.

My journey began with alcohol when I was a teenager and did not end for over 20 years. Social acceptance was the largest part of my story. 

It took multiple attempts, the help of many people, and the kindness of complete strangers to extend their hand repeatedly until it became clear recovery was possible. 

Prior to seeking recovery I was on a path of destruction that lead me to become completely isolated. It compromised my physical and mental health. I could no longer differentiate true or false about whether I had  a drinking problem.  Everybody knew that I needed help, but it took a power greater than myself to instill the idea that recovery was possible.

I hope anyone who reads this and says, "Yes, I've felt like that", or "I relate to that" will take the opportunity to start their life over. I would like to be able to share my experience, strength, and hope. We can begin to live in a world that does not include all of the behavior that kept us from becoming happy, joyous, and free.

Andy St. Pierre